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Point Development Company is and has always been an integral department of the Avamere Family of Companies with a primary focus on growth and development, before the company even had its name.

PDCo grew from serving Avamere Living to encompass all Avamere’s business lines, including Infinity Rehab, Ovation by Avamere, and Signature Healthcare at Home.

Today, PDCo is a real estate development, construction, and asset management firm. PDCo connects people with projects and capital in all aspects of real estate and structure development, as well as brand and organization implementation.

Our professionals and processes have been instrumental in developing designs and projects that address the needs of an aging population, aiding in year-after-year growth for the Avamere Family of Companies.

Avamere Core Values

From the moment we discover a new development opportunity to sketching the first blueprints to opening the building, residents are at the core of everything we do. Our Avamere developments are home to these seniors, and we put our care and attention into every detail.

As part of the Avamere Family of Companies, we live by our mission to enhance the life of every person we serve. Aligned with this divine mission are our seven core values:

  • Integrity above all else
  • Passion for the quality of people’s lives
  • Quality that is obvious
  • Innovation, not emulation
  • A culture of trust and respect
  • Reaching to learn, grow, and embrace change
  • Teamwork, camaraderie, and fun



Albert Castaneda

Chief Development Officer

Jason Taber

Director of Construction Management

Ray Short

Construction Project Manager II






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