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The History of Point Development Company

Prior to an official designation and name, Point Development Company was an integral department of Avamere Health Services with a primary focus on growth and development. Along with real estate development, our team grew to encompass Avamere’s business lines, including Avamere Living, Signature, and Infinity.

Today, Point Development Company is a real estate development, construction, and asset management firm. Our professionals and processes have been instrumental in developing designs and projects that address the needs of an aging population – thus aiding in year-after-year growth for the Avamere Family of Companies.


The Avamere Advantage

Because Avamere is a company built on the principle of innovation and not emulation, we strongly believe in embracing change in order to learn, grow, and prosper. As with our parent company, we strive to be the bellwether among any industry we assist. This includes being disrupters instead of template followers.

Back in 1995, Avamere’s founder ensured the organization would thrive thanks to a mission of integrity above all else. This overarching commitment drives Point Development Company as well. We do not cut corners, skimp on communication, or forgo opportunities to learn and grow. We continually strive to do the right thing.


Total Quality Management

At Point Development Company, we focus on every customer, offer continuous improvements, and ensure every member of our staff is 100% vested. We call this total quality management. You’ll find that level of dedication in everything we do, including development, construction management, project management, as well as integration management.

Point Development is a part of the Avamere Family of Companies

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Steve Stubblefield

Vice President, Investments & Asset Management

Jason Taber

Director of Construction Management

Kimberly Freeman

Chief Development Officer

Aric Jensen

Financial Analyst 2

Ray Short

Construction Manager 2

Erik Bradford

Construction Project Manager 1






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